Flicker Free Solution Advantage
One flicker free solution in the market is to lower the power factor, usually around 0.55. Another solution is to use an active power factor correction, and then add a separate constant current structure. Under such conditions using conventional power, high efficiency is difficult to achieve and with more components failure is more likely.
  • The ripple is adjustable according to request.
  • High power factor(PF>0.9)
ERP Standard:EU No.1194/2012
P<2W, N/A
2W<P<5W, PF>0.4
5W<P<25W, PF>0.5
  •  Low THD,EMI

  • Hot plug protection
220Vac input,Output:40V460Ma,Output Capcitance:330Uf/63V*2
Input: 220Vac Output:40V460mA Output capacitance:300uF/63V*2
  • Extended lifetime of LED lights

      Hi-semicon Flicker Free solution uses a single-stage PFC structure plus independent adaptive linear frequency ripple removal.

      Current flow of LEDs is a more stable, low ripple current which protects the LED lamp. Simple in structure, the whole lamp provides

      high performance and reliability.

  •  Easy to use

       Hi-semicon solution offers three assembly methods,and customers can choose according to their needs.Hi-semicon solution offers three assembly methods,and customers can choose according to their needs.

PCLC technology
Phase Change Liquid Cooling systems : The Hi-semicon advantage
Heat is a significant factor in the performance of LED lighting, and can have negative effects on light output, color and life.
Hi-semicon’s Phase Change Liquid Cooling systems remove more heat than competitive technologies which allows Hi-semicon LED products to burn brighter, last longer, and cost less.Typical competitive LED systems are comprised of silver and copper conductivity and phase change liquid cooling construction, and an external heat sink. The emitter houses the LED die, optics, and a heat sink slug used to draw heat away from the die. The conductor is made of silver and copper, which is mechanically attached to the heat sink.
Hi-semicon takes a more efficient approach to reducing operating temperature by phase change cooling system, which is thermally resistant and actually insulates the LED package from the heat sink. Instead, the LED is bonded directly to an engineered heat sink with thermally conductive silver epoxy adhesive. This dramatically increases the conduction of heat away from the diode junction directly to the heat sink and out to the ambient air.
Hi-semicon’s revolutionary heat sink is engineered directly into the design of the luminaire or even into the chassis of the Hi-semicon luminarie itself. Hi-semicon never solders LEDs during the attachment process. High soldering temperatures can significantly degrade the LED array before it is ever put into use.
Technology that is mission critical
Heat is the enemy of LED lights. It causes the LED to burn dimly as the die heats up and it significantly reduces the useful life of the LED. Therefore, dissipation of the heat from the LED die is vital.
Hi-semicon’s  patented thermal management technology keeps heat away from the die. This controls junction temperature, maximizes brightness and minimizes lumen depreciation to protect the useful life of the LEDs.
No other thermal management system is as efficient.

 Different Cooling construction comparison:
Micro- Groove Composite Phase Change Cooler
(other product in market)
LED Power
Temperature of chips
1500 cm3
15000 cm3
The phase change dissipation construction:




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