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Name : 3×4 LED TROFFER
Model : HZ-RGDP66W-T8



3×4 LED TROFFER        

330° beam angle 3×4 LED troffer was designed to replace traditional 3×4 fluorescent troffer ,Ideal energy saving solution for the commercial lighting.

High efficient energy saving
330°wide beam angle
High CRI and High Lumen version options
Low maintenance costs
requires less packaging and energy to manufacture


330degree wide beam angle
The wide beam angle will
create the special and comfortable atmosphere in commercial place to increase sales

Energy efficiency
Fluorescent troffer system power:132W
Hi-semicon LED troffer system power:66W
Energy saved :67W per troffer.


LED Troffer Applications:

sales areas and office areas ,galleries & shops ,multipurpose halls ,hotel lobbies ,living &shopping areas,museums.


Product Power Voltage Power factor Luminous flux CCT Light colour CRI Beam angle Product size
HZ-RGDP66WI-T8 66W AC100-240V >0.9 5280lm 3000K± 200K W.W 90 330° 600*1200mm
HZ-RGDP66W-T8 66W AC100-240V >0.9 5610lm 4000K± 300K N.W 90 330° 600*1200mm
HZ-RGDP66WH-T8 66W AC100-240V >0.9 5940lm 5500K± 500K P.W 90 330° 600*1200mm

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