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Name : LED wind and solar hybrid street light J type 70W
Model : HZ-FGHBLD70W




Solar&wind energy Street Light
1. Solar-wind energy LED light is a new concept energy-saving light, its remarkable characterstic is supplying power by its own generating system.
2. The system is integrated power generating and power application, which is combined by solar panel, wind turbine, controller, LED streetlight, light pole, battery, brackge.
3. The solar panel and intelligently on or off the light according to day
And night, adjust intensity automatically by controller.
4. No need any other power supply and AC electricity power charge, this is the best solution for green lighting.
Description of product
Solar panel
Series connection
Wind Turbine
Series connection
Led J type streetlight
What is a wind/solar hybrid power generation system?

Real green and renewable energy  for our surroundings.
The electrical power comes from the solar panels and
wind generator and is then supplied to an LED light. This system is very suitable in highly windy places.
It is the best solution for the reduction of carbon emissions, now, as well as in the future.
We have developed this unique system combining solar panels, wind generator, controller, LED streetlight, and battery for use in multiple aplications.
As the conditions of the sunshine and wind is different from place to place, it is suggested to discuss the system set up with us in detail when purchasing this product.

 Remote and mountainous roads, agriculture land, advertisement signage, service areas, shipping ports, railways, border posts, geological survey areas and any other environment where electricity can’t be delivered by a conventional power grid .
Wind/solar hybrid power generation systems solve the single wind turbine or pv cell system shortfalls. As researched and proven, wind-solar hybrid power generation system saves the time and expense of setting up a conventional “on line” power system that requires excavation, power poles and lines and so much manpower.
System Schemastic Diagram:
The system transfers the energy of solar and wind to electricity power separately by solar panel and wind-turbine then save it into battery for LED light. Under the effect of the controller, battery can automatically stop charging one its voltage is over 29.5V, as same as will stop discharging while the voltage is below 22.5v, the charging status is intelligently choose just as to the staturation of battery. In addition, LED light is controlled by light sensor and time switch for adjusting the efficiency of light which is more energy saving

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