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Name : 4ft LED tube T8 series
Model : HZ-RGDxxW-T8



High brightnesss 4 feet T8 Led tube    
1. Why choose LED tube?
  •  No toxic lead/mercury (Ng) phosphor powders
  • Non fragile glass
  • No‘burn out’failure
  • Cold temperature compatible
  • Flicker free/no buzzing
  • Long lifetime

2.Hi-Semicon LED tube features 

  • High lumen 90lm/W
  • 90% effective transmission reflector.
  • Aluminum PCB board with high efficiency heat dissipation.
  • Easy to install, multi-input mode which can illuminate when one or both ends are charged. It won’t  short circuit.

Hi-semicon LED tube 36W replace PHILIP 66W (1.5M)

                                         24W replace PHILIP 44W (1.2M)

What is the difference of our proudct?
The material of the shell we use is GE PC which has a low light absorbtion and is fire proof. Frosted shell/clear shell/wave shell optional.It is compatible with existing standard fluoresent fixtures.T8 model works in T10 and T12 applications. Existing ballast must be by passed.

sales areas and office areas ,galleries & shops ,multipurpose halls ,hotel lobbies ,living &shopping areas,museums
Our successful case

Packing details
Size in 0.6m led tube
650mm×210mm×225mm   25pcs/carton
Size in 1.2m led tube
1260mm×210mm×223mm   25pcs/carton
9820 pieces per 20GP Container
20800 pieces per 40CY Container
23160 pieces per 40HQ Container
Size in 1.5m led tube
157*18*23     20pcs/carton
7680 pieces per 20 GP Container
16300 pieces per 40CY Container
18160 pieces per 40HQ Container

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