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One button design to open and closeeasy access and maintenance .
Tempered Glass cover sealed lighting source
for more safety on outdoor application
PSU base on button design, easy for disassemble and install
Special support defense shedding structure design, humane if need maintenance
Angle adjustable design, IP66,Integrated die-casting for Anti-salt corrosion, 
prevent dust stack on the back, can be used ambient -40-+55 Celsius Maximum
90 °C

LED Street Light - Technical Parameters

Smart streetlight build-in Daylight & Microwave or PIR Sensor


We need light, but for most of the timeespecially outdoor lighting, lights and energy are in a state of being wasted, such as midnight, or where people are destabilizing. But for security reasons, we cannot let the lights off, so how to meet people's need for lighting security and energy conservation must be balanced.

Lecolt smart lighting solution build-in daylight&microwave sensor let the lighting light in line with people's use of light rules and schedule, so as to save energy more

In the daytime, the sensor will feel the intensity of the ambient light and dont light up. When the ambient light is less than 30 lux, the lights automatically work


if no moving signal Detected from car or people, the light is half of the normal brightness to work, when the signal is detected, in full light mode


The physical switch can be forced to turn off and turn on


Recommended installation height 4-8 Meters


Can be installed as a solar street light components












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