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Name : LED Jewelry Light
Model : HZ-GBDxxxxxxW



LED Jewelry Light      

 Hi-semicon LED Jewelry lights are specially designed for jewelry display lighting with high brightness. Ideal for Handicraft, Jewelry, Antique, display lighting and other accent lighting.

Optimal heat dissipation is ensured by the aluminum alloy housing.
Used unique optical technology and high quality Acrylic optical lens, create a excellent focused effect for jewelry lighting.
Anti-glare and dustproof designed
Easy to install.


Item No. Power Voltage LED chips Lumen CCT CRI Beam angle Illumination at 1.8m
HZ-GBD302018WI 6*3W 230V CREE 850±100lm 3000k~3250k >85 25° 3300lux
HZ-GBD302018WH 6*3W 230V CREE 1100±100 lm 6350k~7000K >80 25° 4900 LUX
HZ-GBD303027WI 9*3W 230V CREE 1250±100 lm 3000k~3250k >85 25° 4600 LUX
HZ-GBD303027WH 9*3W 230V CREE 1600±100 lm 6350k~7000K >80 25° 6500 LUX
HZ-GBD602036WI 12*3W 230V CREE 1700±100 lm 3000k~3250k >85 25° 5000 LUX
HZ-GBD602036WH 12*3W 230V CREE 2200±100 lm 6350k~7000K >80 25° 6800 LUX
HZ-GBD603054WI 18*3W 230V CREE 2500±100 lm 3000k~3250k >85 25° 6500 LUX
HZ-GBD603054WH 18*3W 230V CREE 3300±100 lm 6350k~7000K >80 25° 8900 LUX

 Voltage is depends on local electricty standard,Australia:240V Japan:110V USA:110V Europe:230V

Packing details

Item Product size Product weight package size carton size QTY/CTN CTN weight
6*3W 300*200*35MM 0.9 630*340*40MM 3
9*3W 300*300*35MM 1.2kg 630*340*40MM 2
12*3W 600*200*35MM 1.6kg 630*340*40MM 1 2kg
18*3W 600*300*35MM 2.2kg 630*340*40MM 1 2.75Kg




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