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China Premier Li Keqiang in Berlin
Author:     Time:[2014-10-11]
In the day of 10th October 2014, the People's Republic of China Premier Li Keqiang in Berlin co-chaired the third round Sino-German government consultations with Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel. The two sides decided to publish "Sino-German Cooperation Platform for Action: innovation." Which referred in the fourth part that Sino-German launched cooperation program Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 & Cooperation
Industrial production digitization ("Industry 4.0") is of great significance for the future of Sino-German economic development. Both sides believed that the process should be self-propelled by enterprises, the two governments should provide policy support for enterprises to participate in the process.
Chinese Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the Department of Energy, the Federal Department of Research in this field will strengthen the exchange of information for the purpose of establishing "Industry 4.0" dialogue. The two sides welcome both country enterprises to develop voluntary, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation in this field. Enhance professional exchanges between the two business groups and trade associations are in favor of deepening cooperation. The two governments will cooperate to provide more favorable framework conditions and policy support to each side.
The success of "Industry 4.0" in the world depends on the internationally accepted rules and standards. China and Germany will work closely on standards, and China and Germany Standardization Cooperation Committee will incorporate the issue of "Industry 4.0”. The two sides will continue to strengthen the existed cooperation under the framework of the Sino-German Cooperation Committee for Standardization, which is committed to carry out a more systematic and strategic cooperation. Unanimously, both sides decided to pay more attention to the future of fields, such as electric vehicles, Energy efficient and intelligence control / smart e-home.R&DBoth sides made positive comments on the results of bilateral cooperation in research, technology and innovation and has made the decision to innovative partnerships as an opportunity, with win-win goal, deeply carry out research and development in the field of innovation and cooperation, the common purpose is continue to raise the level of cooperation in the jointly selected areas.
 Deepen bilateral cooperation in the field of photonics and optical technologies, focusing on semiconductor lighting technology. Jointly develope the future semiconductor lighting market and accelerate the potential of energy-efficient lighting. On the basis of the first cooperation projects, the two sides will start in 2013 continue to promote the relevant cooperation, with emphasis on promoting the town of semiconductor lighting, public lighting (such as schools lighting), semiconductor lighting accelerated test methods and green manufacturing recycling.


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