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Flicker Free Commercial Lighting Product in 2014
Author:     Time:[2014-2-20]
Energy Star and other standards groups about the emerging concern of flicker in LED lighting. After years of research, Hi-semicon electronic components department launched a flicker free, high efficient, high PF current ripple remover.
 The current ripple of the Electro Magnetic (EM) ballast T8(ø 26mm)fluorescent tube is around 55%-65%. The LED tube used Hi-semicon current ripple remover will be around only 3%. At the meantime, the PF value is round 0.9-0.95. (The power factor of normal no flicker LED tube in market is around 0.8.)
Hi-semicon current ripple remover working diagram:

Disadvantages of electric light flicker performance:

A, Leads to accidents
When electric strobe effect enters into the relationship of the frequency of a moving object, the state of motion of the moving  object may appear static, rewinding or slow motion. The above three states may be periodically repeated visual errors, causing accidents. For example: a sewing machine operator in the garment industry may see slower up and down movement of the  needle, or the illusion of a stationary state and could accidentally stab a finger.
B, Affecting productivity
 Stroboscopic effect will lead to optic nerve fatigue, and migraine headaches. This can caused serious harm to productivity. For example, plug-in line workers are 
susceptible to visual fatigue, vertigo, igraine headaches, that affect proper and speedy 
set up and completion of work at their stations.
C, Hurting the eyes, causing myopia.
Applications like a school, library etc., because of the flicker effect in the lighting environment, Growing
 schoolchildren can suffer greatly from significantly decreased vision and myopia is significantly increased.


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