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Farmhouse and Loft lighting case in Alps, France
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 Hi-semicon »La Préférée

Project brief

Originally built in 1784 and recently renovated, La Préférée (The Favourite) is a connection between past, present

and future.

This renovation redefines the role of a traditional alpine farm in the 21st century to something very special.

The farmhouse carefully recreates the lighting, security, warmth and tranquility of its original purpose.

The loft provides an experience of the senses, where the drama of the Alps meets contemporary living. Designed,

layout and fitted with three things in mind—intimacy, sensuality and mystery

Project product

To integrate and present the original and history sense of 250-year-old wooden beams ,Hi-semicon offered the LED
lights simultaneously reached high colour rendering ,uniform irradiation,No glare  and comfort. Hi-semicon LED lighting
 solution achieved 65% than CFL and halogen solution.

1.Dimmable 150W 3000K CRI90 LED high bay light/LED floodlight

The High  CRI version is with high quality sealed  PC reflector ,offering  uniformity,anti-glare

and High CRI quality light .The 3000K colour temperature created a romantic atmosphere.

Users can adjust the brightness according to the atmosphere they are in.

2.LED Track Light 18W 3000K CRI90 

The Distribution of light uniformity and The OLC (directional luminance control) are  excellent  even

as orthodox halogen. For more, please visit: http://www.hisemicon.com/proDetail-50.html

3. 92mm cut-out LED Downlight 16W

Glare is KEY issue related to the distribution of light. Hi-downlights used the HDC anti-glare design

ensure a comfortable light effect that you would expect from halogen.

For more,: http://www.hisemicon.com/proDetail-83.html

4.Spot light 7W LED MR16 3000K

Hi-semicon spots used the HDC anti-glare design ensure a comfortable light effect that you would

expect from halogen. The dimmable version allows more energy saved.

For more,please see: http://www.hisemicon.com/proDetail-10.html


Hisemicon-----The embodiment of style and taste

Inheritance designer: Oliver crane.

About hisemicon

Hi-semicon is a professional Eco-Solution light producer
Interactive international design, made in China, for applications world-wide.
This is what Hi-semicon has done, is doing and will do in the future

Back ground

Hisemicon »History

Granges were the original farm buildings of the Alps. Multi-functional, they housed the family, quartered the animals over winter and above provided storage for the farms produce and animal fodder.

The construction was thick stone walls below and slatted wood above. The roof was supported by a complex of beams with hand cut joins and pegs.

Granges were invariably built on hillsides, surrounded by mountain pasture but out of the way of avalanche areas. The terrain allowed them to be built into the hill forming what is known as a cave (pronounced cav). Built into the hillside, the back wall provided excellent insulation to maintain a constant year round temperature for the animal’s and domestic food stores. In winter, the heat from the animals provided some warmth to the adjoining family living area. Running the length of the house above was the loft. This provided a drying area for produce and general storage for the vast amounts of hay required over winter. The slatted walls allowed plenty of air to pass whilst the extended eaves kept the weather out. Access to the loft was made easy by the uphill end meeting ground level. Granges were surrounded by a small balcony to dry food and fire wood and were often decorated with flowers in summer.

La Préférée lies near the top of Route des Granges or roughly translated Road of the Barns.

Old photos bear intriguing testament to bygone times at the Préférée

We set out to:

Frame the history and atmosphere of La Préférée for contemporary use with an emphasis on the experience of being there’.

We purchased the La Préférée in August 2009 from a local man Monsieur Bourbon. It had been in his family for many generations and a working ‘farm’ less a generation past. Several family members have visited. They always take an interest in the evolution of the property and have explained its history.

In recent years, as expectations of life changed, the property was used as a summer house, no longer assuming a principle role. Still much loved, it was named La Préférée or The Favourite by visitors. Monsieur Bourbon dutifully acted as caretaker from his home in Sallanches however this was temporary and did not afford the building a permanent role. Eventually the family made the hard decision to sell.

We felt La Préférée was ready for a new role. Most original features; the cave, old wood, stone etc. remained. This original state, with no undoable intermediate work, allowed the freedom to bring the past into the design.

The project has sought to make the most of the history, the building and magnificent surrounding. Its’ ambition is to afford visitors a lasting ‘experience’ in a natural rather than opulent way; to stimulate the senses, surprise and provide lasting rejuvenating emotions.



The original family rooms have been painstakingly restored to recreate the natural cosy feel of a traditional Savoyard farmhouse. The result is a look feel, smell and sound of the homely sanctuary it was. Protecting the family throughout the year from the elements and providing a consistency and stability in what can be very adverse conditions.

In February 2012 with sustained temperatures of minus 20 degrees C the farmhouses proved it met these criteria.

During restoration, the original wall panelling - some 2 to 4 cm thick - was found underneath years of additional layers. This has been restored with each and every piece carefully removed cleaned and refitted by craftsmen.

The bathroom and kitchen fittings have been bought up to high modern standard, tiled floors fitted in kitchen and bathroom and thick quality engineered oak floors in all other places.

There is a wood burning stove and under floor heating to ensure constant warmth and atmosphere at all times.



The cave walls have been restored, highlighting the Chamonix quartz stone. The floor, originally earth and stone, is now natural tiles and oak. This is an active leisure area for relaxing, watching films, games etc.

A custom built floating stainless steel and oak stair replicates the feeling of the Midi and Grande Monte exits. As one climbs there are fabulous views up through the high windows above to the mountains - a real feel of ascent.

The loft has been transformed into an open plan contemporary living area. The common area has a look and feel to stimulate senses associated with the mountains. A small glass floor mimics the exposure of the crevasse. A glass stair surround brings one back from the edge. Sneaky views through skylights abound.

Bedrooms and bathrooms nestle between the original wood pillars and beams. Bedrooms are light and airy, each with a unique view to above and below. The natural beauty of the original beams is highlighted against clean white lines of the walls.

Wood, glass, stone, steel, ice, light, warmth and cool, looking up in awe, looking down in trepidation all integrated into day to day living. A modern wood burning stove adds dancing colour whilst the under floor heating through the substantial white ash floor makes slipper wearing a pleasure. Lighting has been sourced from across the world and offers its own experience.

Energy efficiency

Insulation levels achieve at least twice that required. Under floor heating throughout is warmed by two modern air source heat recovery units. There are 8 square metres of solar thermal vacuum tubes, capitalising on the bright light and contributing to hot water. Lighting in La Préférée is through some very clever LED’s from Hi-semicon.The dimmable Hi-smicon LED High bay light allows more energy savings, All appliances capitalise on high energy ratings.


Farmhouse and Loft

The Farmhouse is about 80m2 - plenty of space for 4 people. The house comprises all in the diagram except the Cave (shaded grey) which is the access for The Loft above through a separate front door.

The Farmhouse is authentically renovated to a high level, exhibiting predominantly the original wood. It offers a unique feel and experience to visitors.

Bedroom 1. Double bed, inbuilt hanging space and garden access

Bedroom 2. Single bed and pull out second single bed, built in hanging space

Kitchen area. Dishwasher, washing machine, induction hob, extractor fan oven, microwave, coffee maker, drying cupboard coats etc.

Sitting room. 2 settees, sideboard HD Satellite TV, dining table and 4 chairs, wood burning stove

Bathroom. Walk-in shower, free standing bath, sink, toilet, heated mirror etc.

Heating is under floor and self-regulating – very cosy.

There is a large garden with magnificent views.

The Loft


Main cave with feature lighting, 3D cinema wall, HD TV, internet

Feature cave with coomed ceiling

Plant room with solar and air source heat stores


Open plan with sitting room, social zone, dining area, breakfast corner and TV corner (TVs do not dominate at La Préférée)

Three bedrooms: double bedded room with on-suite bathroom (walk in shower and bath) double bedded room and twin bed (bunk) room with shared bathroom (walk in shower).

Kitchen area with island

Contemporary Droof wood burning stove in sitting and under floor heating throughout.


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