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LED High Bay Light Application in Warehouse
发布者:     发布时间:[2011-9-19]

Project nameLED High Bay Light Application in Warehouse

Starting Time:5th Aug,2011 

Location:Sydney Australia

Project Introduction:

The picture shows a warehouse with Hi-semicon 120W led industrial lights  for interior


By replacing the 400W mercury vapour fittings with a combination of 120 watt LED high bays with 45 degree reflectors mounted at 7 metres. They have been able to achieve power savings as follows.
Average kW/h per year mercury vapour: 300,000 ($53,865)

Average kW/h per year LED: 76,000 ($13,608)

Average kW/h per year saving: 224,000

Saving @ 18 cents/kW/h P.A: $40,257

Savings over 5 years @ 18 cents/kW/h: $203,202

Savings over 10 years @ 18 cents/kW/h: $406,404


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