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Why the heat sink is so important?
 (A:Temperature of Cree and lumen depreciation graph)

(B: Depreciation of Lumiled graph
From the graph we can see reducing the junction temperature is good for delaying the lumen deprecation. When junction temperature reduced from 110 to 135, the lifespan will reduce from 50,000Hrs to 20,000Hrs.(See picture B)
Heat dissipation is a key problem to extend the lifespan, thus to reduce the junction temperature need a good heat sink to expels the heat rapidly.
 High bay light heat sink introduction graph:

Note:For common heat sink product which the temperature near led array is higher than the position is far from the LED array. Hi-semicon LED high bay light uses phase change liquid cooling technology system which control the junction temperature always around 60- 65 Celsius, it will reduce the depreciation for longer lifespan.


4.LED power supply is an inverter to transform the AC power supply to DC power of applicable voltage and current to drive the LED light. Hi-semicon uses high efficiency, high proof, and high reliability power supply.

  Cutaway view of Meanwell power supply

Strictly test of power supply temperature


Hi-semicon is a professional environment friendly solution provider, focusing on quality and listening needs of market. Please join us, to light up the world.

Hi-semicon technology virtually eliminates maintenance costs and the Hi-semicon warranty is unmatched in the industry. Hi-semicon stands behind its fixtures and light engines guaranteeing that they shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from date of manufacture. Hi-semicon also offers a 2year warranty on all power supplies. Contact Hi-semicon for full warranty language, exceptions, and limitations.


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